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Michael Packer - Ed Jackson: Press


Though recorded in Austin for an Austin label, this disc title should leave no question that the Michael Packer Blues Band is from the Big Apple-a conclusion that's fortressed by such song titles as " Christmas on the Bowery" and" Born in New York City", a reworking of Nick Gravenities' "Born in Chicago" that's familiar from Pal Butterfield's recording. The later Chicago harpman's songbook also contributed "I got a mind to give up Living " (previously cut by B.B.King as "All Over Again") to the program with other covers coming from Bob Dylan and Utah Phillips. There are two instrumentals featuring Ric Frank on sax. The other tunes are all from Packer, who displays a well-seasoned approach as both singer and guitarist.
Second album from this great band from New York City led by Michael Packer(guitarist,singerr-songwriter).Contains a re-make of the Free Beer song "I'm in Love".Unique,original,uncomparable,unusual,exciting.Not just another shuffle and boogie band.
One of the most fascinating musicians from New York City.In the 70's he led a band called "Free Beer" that released a couple of albums on RCA records.Today you would call them a roots rock band.Packer's a writer of great songs and that's what this album basically is, a singer-songwriter album.,mixing a variety of different styles including soul(with horns),jazzy tunes,ballads,some real blues.His music isoriginal.It deserves repeated listening.It's really worth the time.Fascinating,unique,original for all lovers of creativity.Not for purists.
This NYC guitarist surely knows what the blues is all about:As he once said.he's lived through them as his past substance abuse drove him to hell and back Now sober he plays his painful life to you through his songs on the
fascinating "No use running from the blues"
Barteldes - Village Voice (Sep 23, 2005)
Recorded February 1, 2006 at New York City's Sweet Rhythm in Greenwich Village, this fine effort by the Michael Packer Blues Band is an impassioned one. Packer and company give it their all to the seven blues tunes- many of which blues fans already know and love like Howlin' Wolf's 'Killing Floor', BB King's 'The Thrill Has gone' and 'Knock Myself Out" written by Lil' Green in the early 1940's and later popularized by Michael Bloomfield. The latter of these three tunes clock in at just over ten minutes and features gritty solos by everyone in the band. The biographical 'Born in NYC' written by Packer shuffles along and features Felix Cabrera smoking away on harp. This live album offers a fine introduction to anyone curious about the New York blues scene and the Michael Packer Blues Band groove-filled sound.
Michael Packer celebrates the release of his new CD 'The Sunny side of Me' on the Iris Music Group Record Label, with a bash @ Savannah's Sat..March 3, 2007 featuring the NYC based Michael Packer Blues Band. Packer returns to his singer-songwriter roots with his new solo album, and for the title track,he collaborated with 8 year-old Gabby Kasper of Albany,NY. 'The daughter of one of my oldest friends came to me with the lyrics to The Sunny Side of Me' says Packer, 'and it just knocked me out.
'I was mad and I needed to let my anger go' says Gabby,explaining her inspiration to the song.'My Mom suggested I write a song,but I decided to turn it into a love song instead.'I never expected it to be on a CD'.Gabby also contributed the colorful art-work.
Christmas in New York is great! We were in BB Kings Blues Club where a Beatles tribute band was playing in the main room. We decided to have something to eat in the Lucilles restaurant area.Playing that night in Lucille's was a local blues band called the Michael Packer Blues Band.They were so close,so tangible and so awesome.True blues from one of the very finest blues bands i have ever seen and about 5 hours worth of music.The love that was displayed on this Christmas day was so overwelming that i was moved to tears and eventually began to tremble.The band played with incredible feeling and Michael Packer gave up himself entirely to the music the whole night.I got an autograph from Michael but that was not difficult because the stage was about four meters from our table. The cool thing is he played the same guitar i own a Fender Squier stratocaster...Yes, tonight i found America!